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2008 Murder-Suicid Case Reopened, Where Is Casey White Now?


2008 Murder-Suicid Case Reopened, Where Is Casey White Now?

The murder suicide case of Christy Shelton has been opened again, as she was a woman who was shot to death in Limestone County, Alabama in 2008. It was later ruled a suicide but the case has been re-opened once again.

Amid the search for an inmate Casey White and former Assistant Director of Corrections, Vicky White, a 14-year-old case has been re-opened. It looks like the death of Christy Shelton is connected to Casey.

A woman was found shot in the chest by a sawed-off gun in 2008. After “a minimum investigation,” the police ruled it a suicide. But the case is being re-opened and further investigation will take place.

Christy Shelton was dating the convict, Casey White at the time of her death. The woman suffered a gunshot wound to her chest from a sawed-off gun. Her family had a theory of foul play but the police confirmed it to be a suicide and the case was dropped right then.

But the victim’s family didn’t give up. They never believed the story. As Christy was dating Casey White at the moment, they think that the latter had something to do with her death.

Christy Shelton passed away in 2008, reportedly in her late 20s. Under controversial circumstances, Christy’s death was called a suicide. But the story had gaps and law enforcement allegedly didn’t do their best to bring out the truth, as per her family.

Her family has regrouped once again as her case has been re-opened. Further investigation is going on as her case directly connects with Casey White.

Real-time Prison Break went down in Limestone County, Alabama last week after an inmate ran away with a correction officer.

Authorities have suspected that Casey and Vicky White have been engaged in a romantic relationship for more than 2 years. The search for them has now continued to the 7th day.

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