A video of a brawl between a United Airlines employee and a CFL player was published on Twitter.

Brendan Langley, a wide receiver with the Calgary Cowboys, was detained and charged with minor injury after an argument with a United Airlines employee on Thursday.
The cashier slaps Langley across the face, tells him to look around to make sure no one else is the agitator, and then punches him across the airline counter. The clerk got up right away, blood on the right side of his face, and tried to get Langley to fight him once more.
That’s great news for the airline employees Langley opted not to hire any more. That’s fantastic.
The airline employee was not detained as a result of his involvement in the altercation.
“He was working at the airport and he attacked me,” Langley said.
The conflict reportedly started when Langley tried to transport his luggage in a wheelchair instead of a luggage trolley designed for wheelchairs.
Langley was a third-round pick by the Denver Broncos in 2017, but he played very little, mostly on special teams. During his tenure with the Broncos, Langley was involved in the second of two infamous altercations between Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree in the November 2017 game between the Broncos and the then Oakland Raiders. Second-rate.
The 27-year-old was originally drafted at cornerback but switched to wide receiver in February and signed with the Cowboys.