After 19 years at WCCO-TV, why is Jason Derusha leaving? What is his destination?

After 19 years as the morning and mid-morning host of WCCO-TV, TV anchor Jason Derusha is retiring. I’m not sure where he’s headed. What comes next?
Jason is the cuisine critic for Minnesota Monthly and a long-time morning anchor for WCCO TV. One of Minnesota’s most popular dishes.
Jason will also be quitting his post and responsibilities as a morning anchor at WCCO TV. He joined the WCCO network in 2003 since his voice is familiar to listeners.
In his early days at WCCO TV, Jason not only worked as a reporter for the station’s Good Question section and as a weekend anchor, but he also explored his knowledge and expertise as a reporter for the station’s Good Question program.
Jason interned at ABC World News Tonight based in New York upon his graduation
Jason announced his intention to leave the WCCO network on Tuesday, after nearly 19 years of service. Jason remarked, “It’s been the most incredible years of my life.”
Fans are both saddened and delighted by the announcement that he will be leaving the show next month, on June 23. They were experiencing a range of emotions.
Jason, now 47, is overwhelmed by the WCCO TV team’s support, according to Twin Cities. With the COVID-19 epidemic and conflict, Derusha is taking a break from the show. The last two years have been stressful and full of shocks.
His fans are eager to hear about his next move or plans. What comes next?
Jason Derusha did not divulge his next move, although he will continue to work at WCCO as a special correspondent on ad hoc stories in a limited role.
He stated unequivocally that he will neither seek governorship or enter politics.
However, he needs some time to consider his options, so it’s unknown what he’ll do next.
Jason has worked as a food reviewer for Minnesota Monthly in addition to being an anchor. Will he also quit his job?
Jason is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On these sites, he has a sizable fan base.
There are no health complaints listed for Jason Derusha online, so he’s probably OK. By the grace of God, he is in good health.
Jason’s family information suggest that he is a father of two grown-up kids and a devoted husband. Alyssa, a Wayzata High graduate, is his wife’s name. Photos of his sons, Seth and Sam, may be found on his Instagram pages.
What country is he from? Jason is a Maple Rove resident. As a result, Derusha’s ethnicity is white and his nationality is American.
Jason Derusha’s net worth in 2022: Did you know? Jason has never boasted about his wealth. When it came to questions about his money, he was speechless.
His earnings as a host might be in the millions.

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