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Aiya Goodrich Carttling Career Life Explored, Australia


Aiya Goodrich Carttling Career Life Explored, Australia

Aiya Goodrich Carttling is a prominent female politician, she is currently running for the Greens in Solomon’s seat.

Aiya Goodrich Carttling is a healthcare professional, student, and tenant in Darwin.

Aiya worked in healthcare during the pandemic, which has made it abundantly evident to her that COVID has exacerbated inequities in the Territory’s healthcare system.

Aiya contested for the Greens in her home seat of Johnston in the Northern Territory election in 2020, which includes Jingili, Moil, and Millner in Darwin’s northern suburbs.

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Because no other party promised meaningful action on climate change, Aiya ran in that election.

She expressed regret for the fact that nothing had changed. People can’t claim to be concerned about climate change while handing over millions of dollars in public funds to giant gas firms to frack the Territory.

Aiya believes that every Parliament needs a strong Green voice to push the other parties to act farther and quicker on climate change and land, water, and environmental protection in the Northern Territory.

Carttling is studying to be a nurse in addition to working. Carttling stated that being a young person attempting to make ends meet in Australia has gotten considerably more difficult under Scott Morrison and the Liberals, even in gorgeous Darwin.

Higher education is getting more costly, making it more difficult for Carttling to prepare for their professions. Student debt is worsening, and the expense of housing is only rising, especially after rents and house prices have risen much dramatically in the previous two years.

The net worth of Aiya Goodrich Carttling is believed to be about $50,000, but it is not officially confirmed

Carttling is running for the Greens because she is dissatisfied with the other political options.

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