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Alleged Role in $59M Crypto Pyramid Scheme Fraud, Who is Eddy Alexander?


Alleged Role in $59M Crypto Pyramid Scheme Fraud, Who is Eddy Alexander?

Eddy Alexander, the leader of a purported crypto currency and forex trading platform called EminiFX was arrested and immediately  charged with fraud on Thursday morning  May 12, 2022,for his role in an alleged crypto investing scheme that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says duped investors out of $59 million.

The  New York resident man and the CEO of Eminifx who has been arrested for over $59 million in crypto fraud and money laundering. Find more about his charges. The FBI says 50 year old man Eddy Alexandre promised investors he could double their money with a “robo-advisor” – and then spent their money on luxury cars and business expenses.

He convinced the clients that their money won’t be lost and in fact be doubled following some precise forecasting of the new computer-aided investment plan.

Eddy is currently being held at Souther District Department of New York and the 50 years old man is being charged with a count of wire fraud.

He was assigned to Magistrate Judge Katherine H. Parker at the US District Court of Southern District of New York.

Eddy Alexandre is the CEO of Eminifx and a resident of Valley Stream of New York.

He was arrested on May 12, 2022, on Thursday morning and has been charged with a crypto scam. He fraudulently asked his investors to invest their hard-earned money through his Robo-advised trading and investment plans.

According to prosecutors, beginning in September 2021 and lasting through May 2022, Alexandre operated EminiFX, a purported investment platform he founded, and solicited funding from hundreds of investors.

It is alleged that Alexandre marketed the company as an investment platform through which investors would earn passive income through automated investments in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange trading.

Williams said that Alexandre offered his investors “guaranteed” high investment returns using new technology that he claimed was secret.

Specifically, Alexandre falsely represented to investors that they would double their money within five months of investing by earning a 5 percent weekly return on their investment using a “Robo-Advisor Assisted account” to conduct trading.

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