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American Idol Season 18 Winner, Just Sam Health Status Update


American Idol Season 18 Winner, Just Sam Health Status Update

The winner of American Idol season 18 is known to be Just Sam, who is an American singer-songwriter. Her health status has made her fans to ask different questions

Just Sam real name is Samantha Diaz is a famous singer and songwriter from Harlem, New York, who rose to prominence after winning season 18 of the singing reality show American Idol.

Just Sam is reportedly 23 years, while she won the singing competition while doing all of her live performances in her Los Angeles hotel room. Before American Idol, she was a subway performer in New York City.

Just Sam Health Status Update

Just Sam, who is known as American idol winner, posted her stunning photo on Instagram with the caption, “NEVER perfect. ALWAYS Genuine.” a few hours ago, and it is believed that she is in good condition

Sam reportedly suffered from some severe health issues. However, it’s not entirely clear what illness she was diagnosed with, but Idol Chatter reported that the singer had to undergo stomach surgery.

Just Sam look like she’s in a better place now. Having endured some health issues, Sam took her Instagram, writing that she wouldn’t let that stop her from performing whenever possible.

Sam was also the subject of a documentary titled Sam, Underground in 2018. On the screen, filmmaker Joe Penney and Ladan Osmon visualized her life as a subway performer in New York City.

Just Sam explained that things had not worked out as she’d hoped in her Instagram stories a few months ago.

Fans were curious to know why she hadn’t been releasing new music. The singer got very honest about what life has been like since her time on television.

She stated that she just thought it would be easy- go to the studio, record, and put out music. However, that was not how it worked. She explained that was not how the industry worked, and it took some time.

After winning the show, she was signed by Hollywood Records/Industrial Media’s 19 Recordings and also released a song titled “Africando,” but she stated that she parted ways with the label last year.

People often wonder why she’s not making music. She explained, “I am making music, but I just can’t afford to release music, as mixing as well as mastering music costs a lot of money, I invested in myself and broke.”

After winning Idol in May 2020, Just Sam signed a deal with Hollywood Records; however, she had to leave the label without releasing an album under them. The singer had to pay the label to claim the music she’d already recorded.

One person even asked if she would consider starting a GoFundMe so fans could help her pay for her music, to which she replied that she was;t sure that was a good idea, as it would just give people more gossip to talk about her.

Before American Idol, Sam auditioned for America’s Got Talent and the American iteration of The Voice, but neither one came to success. She also explained how she was bullied in high school for her dress-up, inspiring her “Just Sam” nickname.

For now, one can listen to the singer’s singles “Africano” and “Change” on Spotify.

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