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Arrest And Charges Of Irish Swimming Coach Explained


Arrest And Charges Of Irish Swimming Coach Explained

An Irish swimming coach, who was reportedly arrested for recording children while changing for the swimming season.

Right now the swim coach is being questioned by the appropriate authorities.

Gardai have not released any information on him. The swim coach’s identity will be kept hidden until the investigation is completed.

As previously stated, the arrested swim coach is accused of photographing children while changing before and after the swimming season.

The coach is claimed to have been apprehended on Tuesday by Gardai in Dublin and kept at a Garda Station. Please on to the next section to discover more about his wrongdoings.

Recording cameras were hidden in the changing rooms of the children where they changed after and before swimming classes, according to the Garda Station.

This incident was first reported to Swim Ireland, who then turned the issue over to the Gardai. The probe is being led by investigators who specialise in investigating sexual offences, according to the source.

Gardai reportedly sought the statements of youngsters and their parents in order to gather evidence before proceeding to arrest the accused individual.

It is reported tha if the accused is proven guilty in this case, he might face a prison sentence of up to ten years.

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