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Austin Retterath Death And Cause of Death – What Really Happened to Austin Retterath? MISSING


Austin Retterath Death And Cause of Death – What Really Happened to Austin Retterath? MISSING

Austin Retterath, a University of Minnesota student, is missing.

Austin Retterath, a student at the University of Minnesota, has been reported missing. His buddies claimed they hadn’t seen him in a long time. After a complaint is filed, the complaints process begins.
Austin Retterath, 19, is a University of Minnesota graduate. He is a member of the Science and Engineering Faculty. On Sunday, he vanished. His last sighting, according to his buddies, was on East River Road and Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. He was never heard from again after that.

The National Criminal Police Service immediately sounded the alarm and began searching for the young man. “He was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, dark shorts and white shoes,” the agency explained. “The University of Minnesota Police Department is currently looking for him and is concerned for his safety.

” The State Criminal Arrest Service asked the Sheriff’s Office and the BCA to assist campus police in their pursuit of Austin. However, his family has no idea what happened or where their son is. “I am not aware of any organized searches of civilians, but law enforcement is currently actively searching for him. I don’t have all the details of this, but I believe the search includes nearby/in the river,” a university administration spokesman said in a statement. Beginning Monday, many agencies were looking for him in Minneapolis, near the Mississippi River. A

ccording to some witnesses, they claimed they saw him by the river early Sunday morning. Austin Ray Retterath wants to spend his mornings at East River Road and Franklin Avenue E. It is possible that he has been to that place. The National Criminal Investigation Service (BCA) has issued a warning urging swimmers to look for the boy underwater. According to the government, campus police “are conducting a search in cooperation with Hennepin County and the BCA, which is continuing today.”

“They continued to search in and around the river near where the person was last seen,” he continued. University officials oversaw the shore search, and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the river.

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