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Australia Radio And Television Presenter, John Blackman Health Status Update,


Australia Radio And Television Presenter, John Blackman Health Status Update,

John Blackman was a well-known and respected skin cancer survivor, he also worked as a radio and television presenter and voice artist in Australia.

John Blackman career life started in 1969 on radio, but his greatest achievement, is his 28-year spell as announcer and character voice-over for the Nine Network’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Australia’s longest-running variety program.

In 1969, Blackman started working at 2GN Goulburn as a newsreader, copywriter, salesperson, and record librarian.

John Blackman started having surgery after the physician were forced to remove his jaw, to save him from skin cancer.

Blackman underwent surgery at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on Friday to have a ‘gutter’ implanted in his mouth to prevent him from dribbling.

In September 2018, John had surgery to have his jaw entirely removed and replaced with a remodeled portion of his fibula.

Following the procedure, John lost his voice quickly but claimed that his health problems were not as severe as they appeared.

John was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma after seeing a growth on his chin that he mistook for an innocuous pimple in 2018

Blackman plucked at the lump when it initially developed a few years back but didn’t get it professionally inspected until a late diagnosis indicated it was malignant.

After receiving the bad news, his surgeon cautioned him that the surgical therapy might modify his signature voice. All of the tissue surrounding John’s chin and his bottom teeth were removed during the procedure.

Since his last jaw procedure, Blackman has been learning how to speak words and is motivated to perform again.

John Blackman had undergone surgery, which was successful, after the surgery he must be taking rest; he continuously updates post on his official Facebook account @John Blackman.

On 2nd, 1972, Cecile Blackman and John Blackman got married, which happens to be his second marriage.

Cecile and John have been married for about 50 years and have been living a happy married life up until now since there has been no word of their split in public.

In 1970, John joined 2CA Canberra, where he worked for 18 months in various on-air shifts until joining 3AW in Melbourne in mid-1971. As the nighttime announcer on “Nightline,” John collaborated with the Reverend Alex Kenworthy for several years.

Blackman joined 3AK in 1974 and hosted the morning program until 1975 when he relocated to Sydney to work for 2UE for three months as a “floating” announcer.

Cecile and John Blackman had a daughter together, although nothing is known about her. John grew up in Mount Waverley, a Victorian neighborhood, where he attended Syndal Primary School until 1959 and Syndal Technical School until 1963.

Blackman was a big fan of the Fitzroy Football Club, which is now known as the Brisbane Lions.

Blackman worked as a customs clerk, cash van salesperson for a cigarette distributor, sales representative for a perfume firm, and spruiker in the Myer Bargain Basement after leaving school at the age of 16.

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