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BBC Radio, Life Changing Series Of Jill Clark Explained


BBC Radio, Life Changing Series Of Jill Clark Explained

Jill Clark was interviewed recently on BBC Radio “Life Changing”, and this interview has made her the topic on the lips of man.

Her accident story is now the bone if contention among many, as she was interviewed by Jane Garvey, from Guernsey as a part of the “Life Changing” series on BBC Radio.

After the interview, the Guernsey resident is making substantial rounds on the web concerning her accident that almost took her life.

In any case, if you are also one of them willing to learn about the trending topic. Please continue reading the blog underneath!

50 years old, Jill Clark Guernsey’s accident story was discussed in the BBC Radio’s “Life-changing” series interviewed by Jane Garvey.

She raised awareness of facial differences and disfigurements in an interview on the BBC Radio 4’s Life-Changing series today, April 27, 2022.

The accident led Jill to have damage to her skull. Let alone physically, and she was drained emotionally and mentally because of the accident.

Her skull was caved in; hence now she has a metalhead. Her eye orbits have metal pins, and her nose was rebuilt using my hipbone.

Clark was reportedly involved in a boat accident back in the late 90s i.e., 1997, while she was leaving Herm to return to Guernsey.

The boat she was a passenger on was reportedly hit by another boat. The collision left Jill struck in the face by the boat’s anchor.

She was rushed to the Southampton General Hospital through the airways. The collision had seriously injured the Guernsey resident.

The injuries led her to undergo 20 operations and procedures to rebuild her skull over the next six years of the tragic accident.

The recovery process was a long time; however, she wanted to get something positive out of her life’s darkest and awful events.

Amidst the process, how people are obsessive over outer appearance. So, Clark wanted everyone to stop being judgemental over their looks.

She, at the moment, chairs two charities reportedly that support and campaign for individuals who have facial differences and disfigurements.

The two charities include local charity Changing Faces Channel Islands and global campaign group Face Equality International.

Jill is serving as the director of the CI Co-operative Society and a self-employed lecturer at the GTA and College of Further Education.

Jill Clark on Guernsey got into an accident 25 years back, for which the local woman had to undergo reportedly 20 operations and procedures.

The injuries caused due to the accident had caused damage to her skull. In the interview, she explained the event’s impact on her life.

In her feature on Life-Changing, Clark hoped to foster the charities and change the way people perceive those with facial differences.

At her accident, she was utterly unaware of Changing Faces. She was involved with Changing Faces after meeting the late James Partridge.

James Patridge had life-changing burns reportedly from a car accident as a teenager. Now, Clark knows all the effects of disfigurement on lives.

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