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Bill Hwang Arrest And Charges Explained


Bill Hwang Arrest And Charges Explained

Bill Hwang is a well-known man, as he is known to be the founder of Archegos.

It is recently reported that Bill had imposed huge losses on the bankers in Nomura and Credit Suisse.

Bill Hwang has an upstanding economics degree from UCLA and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Bill is also the co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation.

The foundation has total assets of over 500 million dollars. Likewise, Hwang founded a family business firm, Archegos Captial Management; it was less regulated than a hedge fund due to being a family office.

Bill Hwang was responsible for the debacle and the financial crisis that was caused to banks and investors due to the collapse of his private investment firm. Hwang and his lieutenant were arrested from their homes by federal agents.

Bill and his lieutenant, Patrick Halligan, were responsible for manipulating and scheming the stocks by concealing the huge risk that the firm had taken repeatedly.

They were charged by the federal agents for orchestrating a stock manipulation scheme by masking and hiding the huge risk taken by the firm, as stated in New York Times.

Likewise, the men were charged with security fraud, extorting conspiracy, and wire fraud concerning a scheme to influence the prices of stocks and fake the returns, which had hurt the investors.

To enumerate, their finances had hugely relied on the borrowed sums from various banks as the family firm once handled 160 billion dollars worth of stock in their portfolio.

Initially, Bill and his lawyers thought that they could persuade the state not to file criminal charges but their wishful thinking as the federal agents stormed and arrested Mr.Hwang and Patrick Halligan from their homes.

His lawyer argued that the state has no legal basis to arrest and indict his client as his financial manipulation of stocks was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Additionally, this arrest is likely to be one of the biggest Wall street white-collar prosecutions. The downfall of Bill’s family firm sheds light on the other family offices that cater to the need of wealthy individuals.

Bill Hwang is married to his wife Becky, and the information about his wife has not been disclosed to protect the members of his family.

Likewise, Bill’s family is a devout Christian, and his father was a pastor who moved from South Asia to America. Similarly, Hwang and his family reside in Tenfly, New Jersey.

Hwang has a 22-year-old daughter Joanne working as a graphic designer in New York. Moreover, he and his wife Becky had been married for a long time as the couple seemed to share a strong marital bond.

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