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Bishop Daniel Dolan Death: Cause Of His Death Explained


Bishop Daniel Dolan Death: Cause Of His Death Explained

Bishop Daniel Dolan died at an old age,he was born on May 28th, 1951 and He died at the age of  71 years old. Daniel Dolan’s birth took place in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In 1965, he started learning to work as a clergyman in Detroit at the Archbishop’s Little Seminary. Further, he migrated to Eckone, Switzerland to study at the Seminary of the Fraternity of Traditionalism and Cistercian Order of St. Pius X (SSPX).

There’s no official cause of death of Bishop Daniel at the moment, but stay tuned with us on this page.

Also, in 1973, Daniel Dolan as a seminary learner at Eckone concluded that the only logical explanation for the Vatican II and Mass’s alleged heresy was Pope Paul sixth. Since then he was holding the post of Sedevacantism. After returning from Eckone in 1977 he established over 35 traditionalist mass centers, RIP Bishop Dolan!

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