Charlie Stephenson Tcu Obituary – What is Charlie Stephenson Tcu Cause of Death

Charlie Stephenson was a Stone Mountain, GA native. He was born October 25, 1932. He was raised in Milstead, GA. He graduated from Conyers High. He was enlisted into the United States Marine Corp, and received training from Camp Pendleton as well as Paris Island. During the Korean War, his rank was raised to Sergeant. After 30 years of service, he was discharged from General Motors’ Lakewood Division. The Charlie Stephenson Obituary does not do justice to his achievements and efforts in making Marine Corps stronger than ever.

He was not only a soldier who gave his time to the nation; he also regularly visited Atlanta VA to bring toiletries to veterans in need and to cheer them up. Charlie was a comrade at the Baptist Church, Sandy Plains and the General Motors Salaried Employees Retirees Club. He also served as the National Rifle Association’s National Rifle Association. Charlie was vital in recruiting new volunteers to the associations’ Meals On Wheels, Feed The Hungerful, and conducting the Buddy Poppy Fund Drives for needy families.


Charlie Jefferson and Ada Effie Stephenson are Charlie’s parents. Alice Stephenson, his wife of 15 years was his. He was lucky to have had two brothers, Grady Stephenson (and Carl Stephenson). Ada was joined by Gaily S. Stephenson, his beautiful wife and four of his children, Rex Jr., Charlie Jr., Rina and Susan. He was the father of 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Charlie loved hunting with Charlie Jr., his brother. They were both very successful in their endeavors.

Charlie was an accomplished man who lived a fulfilling life. He was a proud Marine Corps member and gave back to society until his death. Although it cannot cover his entire life, the Charlie Stephenson Obituary tries to honor him.

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