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Council Member Arrest And Charges Explained, Where Is Liana LeBaron Now?


Council Member Arrest And Charges Explained, Where Is Liana LeBaron Now?

Liana LeBaron and her husband were processing their divorce, and in that process her husband accused her of physical assault.

Liana LeBaron is known to be the council member of a Lemon Grove, has been taken into custody after her husband alleged her of physical assault.

The San Diego Union-Tribune stated that, she previously faced an accusation of bullying the city staff. Her current arrest has focused all the attention on the Lemon Grove council member.

The couple now has commented on the ongoing matter after a long request. Get more updates on Liana and her current issues.

Council member of Lemon Grave, Liana LeBaron’s husband, has currently alleged her for physically assaulting him. She now faces charges of domestic violence with a misdemeanor.

Liana once mentioned her no party political preference, turns out to be in a marital relationship with an El Cajon police officer. Following the accusation from her husband and the arrest, the City sent the statement to the ABC 10News on Monday.

They stated that, “The City has been made aware of the recent arrest of Council Member Lebaron for alleged domestic violence.” Also, they added, “The City has no comment regarding the specific allegations at issue at this time…”

Additionally, Liana mentioned to NBC7 that the couple is going through a divorce, and her spouse is well aware of the legal system than her.

On Monday, April 18, 2022, Liana LeBaron, a well-known councilwoman of the City, got arrested over assault.

At present days, the department has charged her with a misdemeanor, domestic violence.

On top of that, the Sheriff’s Department has put Liana under a restriction order with her husband’s request.

Also, her spouse stated, “she hit me, kicked me, bit me because my life insurance policy was only $100,000, and she said I needed a higher amount…”

However, LeBaron denied his claims and mentioned going through a divorce. She added, “He got the legal system involved before I did so that he could make himself be the victim…”

Lemon Grove City Councilwoman Liana LeBaron is facing a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

Liana LeBaron is a 32-years-old married woman who is currently facing an accusation from her husband with a physical assault charge over an insurance policy.

She is known for working in the Lemon Grove City as a Councilmember. Although Liana served the City for a long time, she is yet to have her Wiki profile.

LeBaron is out now from custody with a $10,000 bail.

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