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Creative Weekly: Siwzz Beatz, Rick Ross & Fat Joe

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Creative Weekly: Siwzz Beatz, Rick Ross & Fat Joe

Creative Weekly is a magazine-styled segment that highlights some of the week’s biggest hip hop stories you may have missed.

Creative Weekly for this week features stories from Siwzz Beatz, Rick Ross and Fat Joe.

Swizz Beatz responds to Drake’s Certified Lover Boy diss, Rick Ross wants collab album with Drake, and Fat Joe defends himself over claims that he stole millions from Big Pun’s family. Dig in!

Swizz Beatz Reveals Kanye West Wanted To Do A VERZUZ With Drake

During a recent interview with Angie Martinez on the Angie Martinez Show, Verzuz co-creator Swizz Beatz revealed Kanye West was interested in going hit-for-hit against Drake in a VERZUZ.

“Kanye was willing to do the Verzuz … He wanted to battle Drake,” Swizz told Martinez. “I left that up to them, and that’s what I told to Timb, as well. I was like, ‘Yo, they have to bring that to the table.’ They would have to agree to do that. Kanye was ready, but I don’t know where that’s at now. I’m still leaving it on them.”

He also talked about the recent shots Drake sent his way on “You Only Live Twice” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

“Unthinkable when I think of the way these n-ggas been acting/I never did you nothing and you play like we family, huh?” rapped Drake on the CLB track, making reference to Swizz’s Instagram Live comments back in 2020, when he called Drake a “pussy” over an unreleased Busta Rhymes collab.

He continued “Next thing, you wanna shoot me down, it can’t be love/Not sure where you was trynna send it, it can’t be up/That day you sounded like a b*tch, you fancy, huh?”

Swizz told Martinez that he actually likes the song and won’t be responding with any negativity because he’s in a great place.

“I’m chilling. A lot of people want to see me react and do all these things, but I’m in such a great zone,” Swizz explained. “I said how I felt, he said how he felt. Hey, man I guess we even. As far as now, I’m good … and I actually like the song.”

He continued: “And he didn’t go too crazy in the record also, you know? He could have said many things, that man is a clever artist. He could’ve really, really, really gave me about 40 bars. He said what he said. He got it off his chest. Blessing to everybody.”

Rick Ross Talks Upcoming Joint Album With Drake

Rick Ross continues to promote his new book The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire. In a recent stop by Hot 97 the biggest bawse discussed the newly released book and the possibly of a joint album with frequent collaborator, Drake.

Rosenberg said he likes the idea of a Rozay/Drake project because he believes Ross brings out the best in the Toronto rapper.

“When Drake and Rozay get together, to me, it’s the best Drake I get. It’s the rapitty-rap Drake, and I would love an entire Rozay-Drizzy project,” Rosenberg said.

Ross responded saying; “It’s a good chance that may happen. Is it facts? Nah. “Have we had that conversation? Of course we have.”

Rick Ross also broke down how his track with Drake and Lil Wayne “You Only Live Twice” on Certified Lover Boy came to be.

“We in the studio, playing each other vibes, playing each other records, as we always do,” he said. “We came across a few [and] that was one of them that was on my side, tempo-wise. We was like, ‘Let’s just give them some of that spittin’ shit.’ And him and Tunechi went and did their thing.”

Fat Joe Denies Robbing Big Pun Of Millions In Royalties

Fat Joe and Big Pun’s family continue to fight over Pun’s royalties.

During a recent podcast of Drink Champs, N.O.R.E. asserted he saw “some” of the paperwork with Pun and Joe, and that it was a “standard” agreement. He says Fat Joe never robbed Pun and he just wants an apology from Big Pun’s family.

Pun’s wife Liza Rios responded to N.O.R.E. in the comments of an Instagram post, claiming Fat Joe is responsible for the family missing out on over $2 million worth of royalty checks.

“Joe want me to apologize to him for me going after what was rightfully my families!??” Rios said. “He is responsible for over 2.3 million in royalties that was never paid to Pun it’s all in the court papers! All public info!”

She continued, “[Noreaga] if you passed away and who ever your signed to takes all the money that was rightfully yours and leaves your wife and kids with nothing and homeless you don’t think your wife is gonna fight for what is yours and your kids! Ask HER!! Please I seen your wife she won’t play that. Stop it Pun is looking at you crazy!”

In no time Fat Joe hopped in the comments to deny her allegations and also offer some clarity on his side.

“Tellem about that money I got you when he died you spent it then put out that documentary you want holding Pun down on that doc just say the truth,” he wrote. “I’ve always been [100 emoji] with pun and Nore knows that. I never lost that case I never owed you a cent he is still unrecouped you was sitting their [sic] when the judge asked you why I’m here I owed nothing just say the truth that’s all.”

He concluded, “I owed them nothing and gave them the music that was created by me I paid no settlement I owed not one dollar tell them peoples to stop lying they got not a dollar from me I gave her money she blew the money period grow up and say the truth when u put that video of you know what in that documentary is when his legacy was fucked you did all this to yourself period stop lying it a get you further in life lying hasn’t got you nowhere by now time to tell your kids the truth.”

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