Creative Weekly: T.I., Wale & Kanye West

Creative Weekly for week ending, June 26 features stories from Tip, Wale and Kanye West.

T.I. wants defamation lawsuit against him tossed out, Wale announces new album “Folarin 2,” and Kanye West Sues Walmart for selling Yeezy knockoffs. Dig in.

T.I. Calls Sabrina Peterson “An Adjudged Liar” Wants Defamation Case Dismissed

Back in January a woman named Sabrina Peterson claimed T.I once put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her after she had an altercation with the rapper’s assistant.

She claims Tiny retaliated by insulting and posting a photo of her 8-year-old son to her millions of followers, which exposed her son to “vitriol and danger.”

She then sued the Harrises in March for defamation of character. Peterson claimed the couple’s public statements and social media posts have smeared her good name ever since she made her allegation against T.I.

Peterson says she’s since become the target of online harassment and threatening messages, but T.I. claims she can’t sue over those comments because they are just opinions. He says Peterson already had a bad rep, so nothing they could have said would’ve caused her any further damage.

According to new reports by TMZ, Tip’s attorney Andrew Brettler says Peterson “is an adjudged liar, a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet for crimes involving dishonesty and violent assault, and has a reputation for being unscrupulous.”

T.I. says Peterson’s defamation suit is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and he wants a judge to shut it down.

Wale Announces ‘Folarin 2’ Album

Wale has announced his next album, Folarin 2 scheduled for release this summer. The D.C rapper made the announcement on social media on Tuesday, June 22.

“I understand you may feel how you feel for whatever soembody told you … but I just wanna reiterate that I’m one of the greatest of all time,” tweeted Wale. “Catalog .Consistency. Influence. Longevity . DMV. With that said #Folarin2 this summer.”

The album has already spawned the Diddy-sampled single “Angles” with Chris Brown, for which he also released a summer-ready video.

“Folarin 2” is the follow up to his 2012 mixtape Folarin, and his first album since 2019’s “Wow… That’s Crazy.”

Kanye West Sues Walmart For Selling Knockoff Yeezy Foam Runner

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Kanye West is suing Walmart for selling knockoff versions of his foam shoe. Yeezy claims Walmart sold an “unauthorized exact copy” of its Yeezy Foam Runner, leaving customers confused about whether they were buying the real thing or an imitation.

Yeezy claims that Walmart has been selling the look-alike in order to cash in on the popularity of Kanye and the Foam Runner, which went on sale in June 2020 for $75.

The knockoff version, which is made by a company called Daeful, is still being sold at for under $25. Yeezy claims Walmart could be costing it hundreds of millions of dollars in sales by selling the ripoff shoe.

The company reportedly sent a legal notice to Walmart demanding that they pull the shoe from its site, but the retailer has failed to do so. Yeezy is suing for major damages.

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