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Cynthia Monteleone, Former Professional Track Athlete From Team USA Wiki Explored


Cynthia Monteleone, Former Professional Track Athlete From Team USA Wiki Explored

Cynthia Monteleone is a 45 years old former world champion track and field athlete who has highlighted concerns about trans athletes’ advantages in women’s sports. According to the Daily Mail, the world champion in the 400m and one of the top Masters athletes in the United States revealed that her management had advised her not to complain about the situation. Cynthia credits her constant support to her family, coaches, Team USA teammates, USATF Hawaii, and club team.

She is a world champion 400-meter runner, and a member of Team USA Masters. At the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships, she defeated trans runner Yanelle Del Mar Zape. Yanelle defeated her teammate at the 2019 World Championship indoor event, and she expressed her displeasure. The administrators of USA Track and Field asked Cynthia to keep her lips shut. She is currently campaigning for an equal playing field.

Cynthia runs a business with her husband Zane. After a twenty-year hiatus, she picked up her spikes again and she with her husband have three amazing children together.They reside in Hawaii. She never imagined that after starting a kid, she would have the time or energy to run again, most athletes loose everything once they give birth due to postpartum most times and differences in the body.

Cynthia Monteleone’s daughter, Margaret Oneal Monteleone, is currently enrolled at St. Anthony School in Maui, Hawaii. Last year, Margaret had to race in the high school track against a biological guy. According to the Independent Women’s Forum, she came in second place after the transgender athlete, which seemed sort of partial due to gender. Both Cynthia and her daughter recount their experiences competing in women’s races against biological men. They’ve called it unjust, and they’re coming forward to fight and to keep women’s sports breathing always!



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