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Danni Menzies Career Life Explored, Why Is She Leaving The Show?


Danni Menzies Career Life Explored, Why Is She Leaving The Show?

Danni Menzies is a well-known TV star, who is pretty tall compared to her other counterparts.

Danni Menzies recently announced her departure from the show, and said that it was challenging to keep a long-term relationship when traveling.

Despite her recent breakup, Menzies expressed hope that she would now be able to focus on her love life.

Danni Menzies height in feet is 5’10”. According to different Websites, she weighs around 55 kg.

Danni has been a regular on A Place In The Sun since 2016, but she recently announced her departure from the hit show.

Fans of the TV show will not have to say goodbye just yet, as Danni is expected to return for at least another year.

She will continue to appear alongside fellow Scots presenter Jean Johansson and the other hosts until 2022 because so many episodes have already been shot.

Menzies announced the news on social media, saying: “The news is out, and I’m the one who broke it!!! I just finished filming my last show.”

“I left the show about a month ago, I’ve done it for six years, and it’s about time for a change,” Danni said.

She added, “There were quite a few things that were hard to do when I was doing the show, like have a relationship.”

On the other hand, the sports-obsessed star isn’t letting the grass grow under her feet as she teased details about her travel plans for a new show devoted to female drivers.

Danni Menzies Partner Simon Moloney is a former soldier. However, they announced their split in August 2020

After a brief relationship with former soldier Simon Moloney, the TV personality is now single.

Last year, the couple was placed on lockdown with each other before splitting up in August.

Menzies and Moloney met on a blind date set up by their best friends, both of whom are dating.

“We went on five or six dates and then isolated together for ten weeks at home on Mains of Taymouth Country Estate,” Danni previously told about their relationship.

Danni Menzies net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2022. She is not only an anchor and a model, but she is also the co-founder of a dating app.

Danni has amassed a sizable fortune and lives a lavish lifestyle. Danni Menzies is a well-known Scottish model and television host.

Her Channel 4 show “A Place in the Sun” made her famous. She participated in London Fashion Week as a model.

According to her, she was born and raised in Kenmore, a Scottish village surrounded by beautiful nature and animals

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