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David DeNitto Mourns The Death Of His Wife, Maricopa County Attorney, Allister Adel

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David DeNitto Mourns The Death Of His Wife, Maricopa County Attorney, Allister Adel

The tragic death of the former Maricopa County Attorney, Allister Adel is greatly grieved by her husband, David DeNitto.

His late wife is one of the notable attorney names in Maricopa County, Arizona, as he greatly grieve her.

Though embroiled in work controversies later in life, his wife Allister Adel left behind as an inspiration for women in law.

Adel had won many notable awards for prosecuting felonies and advocating for victims’ rights.

She had also served as the Deputy County Attorney for seven years and had served in the Vehicular Crimes, Gang, and Drug Enforcement bureaus.

Adel is a businessman who usually stays away from the public limelight and works efficiently. Mr. DeNitto is a supportive husband and a lovely family man.

The family released an official statement on Adel’s death, and DeNitto is heartbroken over the news.

Meanwhile, the death news has become trending as the public, and notable figures have paid tribute to the late Adel.

She was born in Dallas on November 11, 1976. She was 45 years old at the time of her death in 2022.

Adel was a reputed attorney who had decorated the position of the Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Arizona Department of Transportation and later as General Counsel for the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

However, she came under huge controversy after the public took notice of her inefficiency and lack of performance at her work. Adel had resigned from her position for the reason.

David DeNitto is currently in his family house in Maricopa County, mourning his wife’s untimely death.

The family has asked for private time as they handle the situation. Adel passed away due to unexplained health complications.

Meanwhile, she was known for her drinking habit, which affected her work. It is unsure whether her worsening health resulted from her drinking habit or not.

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