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Did Logan die in Home and Away? Explored (Spoiler Alert)


Did Logan die in Home and Away? Explored (Spoiler Alert)

Is Logan on Home And Away going to die? The following was investigated (spoiler alert): If you’re seeking for “Home and Away” spoilers, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this blog, we’ll be providing show spoilers.

Xander (role played by Luke Van Os) and Rose (role played by Kirsty Marillier) elected to go to Summer Bay permanently after discovering the presence of Jasmine (part played by Sam Frost), the sister they had never known about. Jasmine was raised by foster parents when her father, Alexander, abandoned her when she was six years old, a year after her mother died in a car accident.

Is Logan going to die on Home And Away?

He met Rose’s mother when she was still pregnant with her and raised her as his own daughter. Xander eventually joined them, and the family was happy until Alexender died in an accident a few weeks ago. Xander and Rose travelled to Summer Bay in search of Jasmine after she was mentioned in the father’s will, and though she initially turned them away, she seemed to warm up to the notion of having some family around.

Home And Away Spoiler Alert

Following a volleyball match set up by Xander last week, Jasmine and Rose reconciled their differences, and when Xander informed Rose that he was still considering transferring to the area in his job as a paramedic, police officer Rose informed him that she had already applied for a transfer to Yabbie Creek. The siblings appear to be here to stay! Despite Jasmine’s initial concerns that the two would find small-town life uninteresting in comparison to the city’s dramas, the three are thrown together on a significant event this week.

While driving, Xander and Jasmine come across a serious car accident. The trio is taken aback when they learn that one of the cars’ driver is none other than Logan (as performed by Harley Bonner)! Logan is in disbelief when he emerges unharmed. While Jasmine looks after him, Xander goes to check on Millie, the driver of the other car (role played by Zara Zoe).

Millie is completely covered in blood and is desperately shouting out for her friend Jo, who is nowhere to be seen in the car. When Xander goes looking for her, though, he encounters an unwelcome discovery. As Millie’s condition worsens, Xander and Jasmine are compelled to perform an emergency decompression technique, just as officers Rase and Cash (played by Nicholas Cartwright) arrive on the scene.

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