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Dr. Dre Is Making Music For Grand Theft Auto VI


Dr. Dre Is Making Music For Grand Theft Auto VI

Dr. Dre is working on new music for the popular game, according to Snoop Dogg.

Gamers are currently bored of Grand Theft Auto V, which came out about eight years ago, but Rockstar Games continues to make insane money from its online community and seemingly have no interest in releasing another iteration of the popular series. While fans continue to await any sort of news regarding GTA VI’s long-overdue release, hip hop artist Snoop Dogg may have just revealed an interesting detail that suggests we aren’t too far from an announcement.

During an appearance on Rolling Stone’s ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ podcast, uncle Snoop revealed Dr. Dre is working on new music for an undisclosed GTA game.

“I do know he’s in the studio. I do know he’s making great f-cking music. And some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out,” Snoop says in the episode, which will air October 29th on SiriusXM’s Volume channel (106) and will be available as a podcast on November 3rd. “So I think that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game.”

Knowing Rockstar, there’s a huge chance the music he’s working on could very much land on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – releasing November 11.

Regardless of where it ends up, hip hop fans are excited for some new Dr. Dre music. The veteran rapper/producer hasn’t released a project since 2015’s Compton.

Dre and Snoop will perform with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige in the Super Bowl LVI halftime show on February 13th of next year — and Snoop says the performance will center around Dr. Dre. “I just think it’s gonna be family,” Snoop says. “Look at everybody who’s up there. And then look at what they mean to Dr. Dre. It’s a Dr. Dre presentation. So we’re basically getting his back, coming through like his soldiers are supposed to line up, when the general say, ‘Line up.’”

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