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Drake Challenges Other Rappers To A Battle


Drake Challenges Other Rappers To A Battle

Drake made the challenge live on stage at the ‘Til Death Do Us Part event.

While performing hosting duties at URL’s Till Death Do Us Part battle rap event over the weekend, the Certified Lover Boy put out a call to action to his rapper friends and athletes.

“I want to send a challenge out to all my peers, I feel like we should do this event… me and Smack got this idea,” he said. “I wanna tell all my friends in rap and all my athlete friends, I feel like we should all pick a battle rapper and put money up and have a real event and see who’s really about this shit.”

“Everybody that’s down just tap in with me we’ll make a movie 2022,” he added before thanking the Los Angeles crowd for their hospitality.

Drake, who has always been a fan of the underground battle rap community and the work battle rappers put in also took some time out to let them know he appreciates their efforts.

“All these people, they deserve it. This shit takes, like, a high level of thinking. I have a lot of respect for everybody here,” Drake said. “What inspired me is I just wanna see the best go against the best. You know, there’s a lot of people that aren’t on this card that deserve to be on this card but that’s why we got a lot more events in store.”

He also announced he’s working with URL to organize a first ever million-dollar battle event.

“Eventually with Caffeine with URL with myself, I want to get to the point that we can do the first-ever million-dollar battle. We’re working on it,” added Drake.

Despite his good intentions, battle rap veteran Murda Mook wasn’t too keen on the idea of letting outsiders into their space.

“Y’all n-ggas aren’t going to make money like that, y’all bugging, stop it,” Murda Mook said in his IG Live. “This is supposed to be for us, our culture, we lit. Y’all n-ggas running in here talking about ‘Smack let Drizzy be him today.’ N-gga come to one shit ‘Yo you can be me.’ What? We just giving our shit up like that? Oh man, shit getting crazy out here.”

URL’s “Till Death Do Us Part” event was held on Saturday (Oct. 30) at Long Beach California. The event co-sponsored and hosted by Drake featured some of the hottest names in battle rap such as Loaded Lux, Geechi Gotti, Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Calicoe and more.

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