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Entrepreneur Amelia Sordell Career Life Explored


Entrepreneur Amelia Sordell Career Life Explored

Amelia Sordell is so skilled in what she does, she known to be an English Entrepreneur best known for being the founder of Klowt, and a personal branding agency based in London.

Amelia Sordell is now the founder of Klowt, a personal branding agency focused on building authentic private brands that drive actual results.

Amelia has made a great name for herself, as Klowt is among the leading personal branding agency based in London.

Amelia’s status often makes people curious about her entrepreneurial journey, philosophy, and principles in leading Klowt.

Amelia helps others seeking to gain trust, be authentic and build a personal brand by providing valuable tips and advice. She is always praised for her practical counsel and straight-talk approach.

She has an impressive following on Linkedin. Apart from being a well-known entrepreneur, Amelia has also established herself as a speaker.

Amelia Sordell is probably in her early 30s as of 2022, as the entrepreneur has addressed herself as a 30-year-old founder just 11 months earlier on LinkedIn.

After a failed business at 21, Amelia was terrified to try again. Later in August, she launched @weareklowt. The year that she did everything terrifying was the year that eventually changed her life.

Sordell began her career in marketing as a Recruitment Marketing Specialist.

Working as a Marketing Specialist, she quickly discovered the reach and power that an individual personal brand can have on the overall Company and Employer brand.

The net worth of Amelia Sordell is under review at the moment. The entrepreneur must have earned a handsome amount from all the endeavors she has been part of throughout her career.

Since launching the personal brand Klowt, Sordell has worked with Tech Startup Founders to FTSE Leadership teams on building private brands that deliver optimum results.

Amelia has a strong following on LinkedIn and has successfully taken Klowt from launch to oversubscribed in 4 weeks, all off the back of her brand.

Amelia Sordell is easily approachable on Instagram under the username @ameliasordell. At present, the entrepreneur has 3,855 followers on picture-sharing media.

The entrepreneur is quite active on Instagram with her excellent 364 posts. Amelia loves to update her professional life via Instagram and often shares her beautiful pictures on the platform.

Amelia also shared how she learned from her business failure and how she dealt with the heartbreak and feelings of grief after her first business failure.

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