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First Child Or Second? Jess King Expects Her Baby


First Child Or Second? Jess King Expects Her Baby

Jessica King is a well-known fitness instructor, who is popularlly called Jess King, as she announced her pregnancy. Jess King and her partner are expecting a child.

Many of her fans thinks Jess King has a child before but it turns out that she’s expecting her first child, as there’s no official update of her having a child before.

Jess King stated in her announcement that, she and her partner were grateful and happy to welcome the new life into their home. Thus, the fans wish all the best to the couple and congratulate them.

Jess King got engaged to her partner, Sophia Urista, and turned her into her fiance. According to The Sun, they first met in 2015, and King fell in love with Urista at first sight.

She added that she could not take her gaze away from the singer despite never being with a woman before. She was attracted to Urista for nearly a year before approaching her at The Box, a cabaret nightclub in New York City.

They officially started dating in 2020 and have engaged already. The influencer shared how abruptly she had approached her, but still, it turned out to be good as they got together.

There are no baby bump photos of Jess King yet. She has recently announced the good news, and it does not seem that she has yet reached the time where the bump would show up.

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