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Five Steez And SonoTWS ‘Just Vibe’ In New Single


Five Steez And SonoTWS ‘Just Vibe’ In New Single

Five Steez & SonoTWS release new single Just Vibe from the album Quietude.

“Just Vibe” is a upbeat atmospheric feel-good music produced by São Paulo producer SonoTWS. The song finds Five Steez ruminating about his growth and the relationships people have with music, “Look how far that I’ve come, I’ve been spittin’ these bars like a gun.” The beat is intoxicating and like the song suggests, if the lyrics don’t hook you, the melody definitely will.

Just Vibe serves as the opening track and first single from Five Steez and SonoTWS’ upcoming album Quietude, which is scheduled for release on Tuesday, November 23.

LIsten below via Bandcamp.

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