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Florent Pagny with lung cancer: shaved head in a video, Video Florent Pagny twitter


Florent Pagny with lung cancer: shaved head in a video, Video Florent Pagny twitter

On Tuesday, May 10, singer Florent Pagny, who has lung cancer, informed him on Instagram that he is OK and doing much better.

His treatment has altered, but it is comforting! Florent Pagny sent a video message to his followers on Instagram on Tuesday, May 10th.
In the foreword, he explains, “I modified my appearance because the treatment required it.” The singer and coach, who is presently on the show “The Voice,” is battling lung cancer and has given little information about his treatment and the disease’s progression. He joked, “I don’t want to force Netflix episodes on you.”

But there seems to be good news today. “It’s behind me. I only have chemo left, and I can tell you that I’m fine”, he assured, even specifying “it worked well because my tumor was like a kiwi of both first immunotherapy chemos. nuts.”

And to clarify that his treatment was not an easy task: “Following that, we sent a lot of radiotherapy and more intensive chemotherapy”, continued Florent Pani, thanking his fans and caregivers. near his bed. “I was medically well accompanied, my loved one, my children, and then there were thousands of messages, testimonies of love, support and good vibes”, also declared the singer. “It helped me too.”

Florent Pagny has not been on stage since it was announced in January that he had cancer and had to cancel his tour. In his video message, he hoped to be back today once the ordeal was over. “If all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started: the Tour 61,” he concluded.

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