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Founder Of Birds Aren’t Real Movement, Peter McIndoe Interview Explained


Founder Of Birds Aren’t Real Movement, Peter McIndoe Interview Explained

Peter McIndoe is well-known as the founder of Birds Aren’t Real, Peter was recently interviewed on 60 Minutes.

Peter aroused a recent tred, claiming that birds do not exist and are instead drone replicas.

It further claims that the drones are particulary spying cameras implanted by the US government.

Peter’s trend has gained a lot of ground and supporters, that the supporters of Birds Aren’t Real staged a protest outside Twitter’s San Francisco offices, demanding that the company remove its bird logo.

Meanwhile, McIndoe, the originator of the conspiracy theory, has recently earned millions of following on digital media.

He and his colleagues from Birds Aren’t Real recently appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes and has left reporter Sharyn Alfonsi speechless. Here are interesting thing we know about him.

Peter McIndoe is a psychology student of the University of Arkansas. He is now 24 years old and is a youthhful entrepreneur.

The youngster says: “In the States, at least, everything we see is filled with bird propaganda. Our national mascot is a bird – the bald eagle – each of the 50 states in the US has a state bird. With bird mascots, at a certain point, you should start asking some questions,”

McIndoe recently told The New York Times that the Birds Aren’t Real movement began in January 2017 at a women’s march in Memphis.

He also admitted in the 60 Minutes interview that he grew up in a tight-knit conservative area where conspiracy theories were commonplace.

In 2022, he appeared in The Howard Stern Show and told that his movement is proving how outlandish other conspiracy theories are.

According to the New Statemans, he has been living out of his van for a longtime now. He’s been campaigning trail around the US areas.

McIndoe has been living in a small truck with a sleeping bag in the back and posters of Clay Aiken, someone who he considers his childhood hero.

Furthermore, his campaigns have also involved Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas until today.

Peter McIndoe is active with the handlename @peterdotnet, with 8,816 followers.

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