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Free Rochy RD Arrest And Charges Explained, Fans Cries Out For His Release


Free Rochy RD Arrest And Charges Explained, Fans Cries Out For His Release

The arrest and prison sentence of Free Rochy RD is trending on Twitter, as his fans are standing up for him, with the claim that he is innocent.

Free Rochy RD is well-known Dominican musician and an interpreter of urban rhythms. He has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram with a verified account.

RD has done a great work on his music, some if which includes, Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 1, Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 2, Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 3, Rochy Rd.

In 2018, Rochy debuted in the music industry with the single “Sometimes I Have No Money,” which was an instant smash with fans.

RD’s music is primarily rap, but he also dabbles with the urban genre on occasion. He has emerged as the new face of Creole rap.

Rochy RD got arrested on Friday following an allegation of sexually assaulting a minor.

Twitter is flowing with people using hashtags to release their favorite singer while there are a strong bunch of people completely against the ongoing hashtag. When a man gets accused of explicating a minor, there are no chances of bail and the procedure is quite long.

Further, there is a court and a legal team to decide the verdict, and in general, people putting unnecessary pressure on them is an unacceptable move.

RD himself said that he was falsely accused resulting in the magnanimous support he has been getting. One Twitterratti says that if anyone defends Rochy, that person needs to get investigated.

Similarly, many popular singers are printing Free Rochy RD on their T-shirts which is strongly being condemned by social media users. A meme that says ‘keeping the track of everyone who says Free Rochy’ has been tweeted by another netizen.

Rochy RD was arrested for sexually abusing a minor girl. All this began after the little one’s father put her responsibility to a man named La Demente while he was serving his sentence in prison.

He would search for girls for Rochy RD to let them get exploited by him. As per the prosecutors, he was one of the trustworthy persons of the little girl and she would give in believing in him.

Rochy RD is being held in custody until the imposition of coercive measures on Sunday, while La Demente is on the run from the authorities. The Prosecutor’s Office has requested that preventative detention be imposed.

The perpetrators will face charges under several provisions of the Dominican Penal Code, as well as the Code for the Protection of Children and Adolescents.

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