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Gabby Eniclerico “Cacio E Pepe Tiktok Girl Revealed”


Gabby Eniclerico “Cacio E Pepe Tiktok Girl Revealed”

TikToker is a platform that makes many if it’s user shine, Gabby Eniclerico is known to be a Tiktok content creator, who hasn’t bought Trader Joe’s cacio e pepe sauce since she became renowned for her TikTok pronunciation.

Gabby Eniclerico is known to work as a legal assistant during the day and earns roughly $2,000 per month from the TikTok Creator Fund, she told BuzzFeed News.

Gabby Eniclerico’s profits have risen to roughly $5,500 thanks to the viral success of her cacio e pepe video, and she expects her viral age disaster to bring in more money shortly.

She was raised in New Jersey, claimed her exaggerated accent was part of her Italian American heritage, but she didn’t mind the mocking, especially from “real” Italians who informed her she was speaking it wrong.

She’s become the focus of several jokes since becoming viral for her accent, including enraging Canadian viewers for eating non-authentic poutine and exposing her age to the astonishment of many commentators.

Cacio E Pepe Tiktok Girl Revealed

Eniclerico is most known for crafting short-form videos. As her ascent to social media celebrity has been in response to being memed online.

Cacio originally appeared in our “For You” section earlier this year, recommending that we all sample Trader Joe’s sauce, which she pronounces like a character from The Sopranos. His most viral video has over 44 million views.

Eniclerico has also been a controversial figure. She has been labeled ugly, the human form of BuzzFeed, and has even received death threats. On the other hand, she has also received recognition in public since going viral, fan letters, and even been called lovely by some of her fans.

Gabby Eniclerico is fondly called by her followers as Cacio E Pepe on Tiktok. Eniclerico says that part of the jokes stems from the fact that she does not have a stereotypically feminine look.

She feels that short-haired ladies irritate others, but she doesn’t mind and finds interesting the comments that refer to her as a tiny boy.

Eniclerico’s videos have over 100 million likes on TikTok, and she has no plans to stop making them anytime soon.

Cacio E Pepe Tiktok Girl Age Revealed

Cacio E Pepe made known her age to be 26 years old, and her age has sparked a new round of middle-aged jokes. She went to a pub once, and the bouncer waited like five minutes to look at her ID because he thought she was a youngster.

While some of Cacio’s critics have compared her looks to a 35-year-old woman, she doesn’t take it as an insult. Instead, Cacio’s considers it a compliment as 35 is a relatively young age.

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