Gwyneth Chua Arrested: What Happened to Poblacion Girl Gwyneth Chua? Explanation of Charges

What Happened to Poblacion Girl Gwyneth Chua After She Was Arrested? Charges Explanation: This is to inform you that “Poblacion Girl” has been charged with breaking Covid-19’s rules and regulations. Poblacion Girl’s real name is Gwyneth Anne Chua.
Prosecutors in Makati City have consented to file a criminal prosecution against Poblacion Girl for breaking quarantine laws, according to reports. Since the story broke on the internet, many have been intrigued about Gwyneth Anne Chua. Gwyneth Anne Chua has been the target of a lot of internet conjecture in recent months, so there are a lot of possibilities circulating.
A new development has occurred in this circumstance, and we are here to present all exclusive reports and facts. You should read this article completely and check through the sections provided below. Swipe down the page.

Gwyneth Chua Arrested

According to sources, Gwyneth Anne Chua returned from the United States on December 22, 2021, and she was required to comply with quarantine requirements, but she allegedly broke the restrictions, increasing the risk of covid spread. A security officer has also been charged with assisting her in escaping the quarantine facility. Berjaya Hotel’s guard was the supposed security guard. Esteban Gathbonton was both Gwyneth Anne Chua and the security guard charged in court. Please read the next part to find out if her family is engaged in this case.

Why was Gwyneth Chua, a Poblacion girl, arrested?

Gwyneth Anne Chua’s family was initially questioned, but her family and boyfriend, Rico Atienza, were later dropped from the case due to a lack of evidence that her family and boyfriend had also broken the RA 11332 provisions, the Health Events of Public Concern Act of 2019, and the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases. See what OCP had to say about Gwyneth Anne Chua in the following section.
Anne was observed partying with pals at Poblacion, Makati City, according to the Makati City Office of City Prosecutor (OCP). She tested positive for the infection a few days later, on the 26th of December. According to reports, other Gwyneth Anne Chua associates were also infected with the virus. On the instructions of OCP, a preliminary inquiry was conducted after PNP and CIDG filed a complaint file accusing her and her colleagues of violating RA 11332.