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Imlie Aryan Extends His Hand Towards Imlie in Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Written Update


Imlie Aryan Extends His Hand Towards Imlie in Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Written Update

We’ve included a written update of the most popular program. This program has a high TRP on television. The show appears to be quite fascinating and enjoyable based on the promotional videos. Aryan begins the latest episode by pulling unconscious Imlie from the floor and opening the door.

The family is taken aback by Imlie’s position. Aryan forces Imlie to lie down on a sofa and requests that the family contact a doctor. Arpita Aryan should unwind because a doctor is on his way. Aryan and Imlie, Jyoti believes, cannot be so negligent as to leave the candles near the drapes. When the doctor arrives, Aryan tells him to check on Imlie and see what happened to her.

Imlie assures everyone that she is OK and that they should not be concerned. Narmada inquires as to how the room caught fire. Looking at Jo, Nila claims that the fire was caused on purpose. Aryan reveals that he and Jo lit scented candles for Imlie in the room. Nila claims Jyoti was the one who started the fire.

Aryan claims Jo was attempting to assist him. Their eyes will lock, and she will put her head on his shoulder. When Jyoti sees this, she becomes envious. Both Arpita and Sundar have a funny style of speaking.

Aryan asks Imlie if she had a good night’s sleep the next morning. Yes, she says. Mahadev phones Imlie and informs her that he has completed the report, but it is extremely dangerous. Imlie claims she is unable to. He says he’ll go with her. She wonders if he will follow her about just because he is her spouse.

He claims that he is her boss and that she is his employee. She walks away with her phone in her hand. Jyoti lights camphor and instructs Narmada to place it in all corners of the home to keep negativity at bay.

Jyoti informs Arpita that they are newlyweds who appear to have been married for years. According to Jyoti, they are incompatible. Arpita claims that they are unable to comprehend each other’s emotions. When Nila’s plan fails, she takes it out on Ghudiya. Jyoti enters the room. Why did she come here, Nila screams. Jyoti claims she did not do anything, but Aryan believes she did.

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