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Is Michael Mando Leaving Better Call Saul, How Did Nacho Vargas Die?


Is Michael Mando Leaving Better Call Saul, How Did Nacho Vargas Die?

The tragic death of Michael Mando has hit his world so hard, as he is known as the “Better Call Saul” character Nacho Varga

Michael Mando is well-known and loved for portraying the role of Nacho Varga in the hit series “Better Call Saul.”

The series is a prequel spin-off series of the popular show “Breaking Bad.” Hence, Mando has become a notable TV actor due to his popularity through BCS.

The recent episode saw the end of Mando’s character in the series plot. This has concerned the fans about whether the actor is really quitting the show or not.

Michael Mando is indeed leaving the cast of “Better Call Saul” as hit character Nacho Varga is dead. Nacho died sacrificing himself for Gus to protect his father.

Nacho shot himself instead of getting killed by the Salamanca cartel and even shouted out to Hector that he was the one who put him in a wheelchair.

Nacho did not go down with silence but won every heart in his last moment, leaving an unforgettable impact on his fans and viewers.

Hence, he went on to become one of the loved characters of the show. Now that he has met his end, fans are sad that Mando is leaving the show as the plot’s requirement.

Michael Mando, aka Nacho Varga’s meaningful death in the show, has made his fans suspicious of his status in the show.

In “Breaking Bad,” Season 2 Episode 8, Saul briefly mentions an Ignacio and a Lalo in one scene. Fans had made theories that they were alive later.

Hence, the theory has made the fans hopeful of Nacho’s return in Breaking Bad. It is also noted that Saul does not know that Nacho is dead yet.

During his interview with Variety, Mando was quick not to give a spoiler, though he openly discussed his on and off character portrayal.

Mando also let in the insiders about his knowledge of Nacho’s death and the day of the shooting. The actor is glad to be a part of the show and Nacho’s growing fandom.

Michael Mando has always intrigued his fans with deets on his girlfriend and dating life. The 40-year-old actor is busy in his acting career, but it is for sure that his lover behind the cameras supports him.

It is only some time until the Nacho portraying actor may soon let us into his love life.

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