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Is Nicolas Colsaerts Sick? His Health Update


Is Nicolas Colsaerts Sick? His Health Update

The Belgian professional golfer Nicolas Colsaerts has since thrown his fans into the wind of wonder as they are very confused and concern about their stars health. Nicolas Colsaerts  professional golfer who has  played on the PGA Tour and the European Tour. He entered 2000 Qualifying School three days after turning professional, where he earned his European Card.

Nicolas Colsaerts first attempt at the European tour was a disaster as he ended the challenge at number 172 on the Order of Merit which made him lost his European card. He regained the card after spending the 2002 season on the Challenge Tour, where he finished 10th in the Challenge Tour Order of Merit to reclaim his European Tour card for 2003.

Nicolas Colsaerts revealed on January 10, 2022, that he has a rare kidney disease called primary membranous nephropathy in an Instagram post.

Colsaerts suspected something was wrong with his body because his digestion wasn’t working as well as it should and he wasn’t recovering as quickly as he should. Furthermore, his sleep schedule was disrupted, and his ankles doubled in size overnight, prompting him to rush to the ER.

After a battery of blood tests failed to yield an initial diagnosis, Colsaerts was summoned back to the hospital for further evaluation. A CT scan revealed that one-third of the lung was filled with fluid. There were also blood clots.

He had a lung that was one-third full of fluid and multiple blood clots after several tests, and there was no cure. He has, however, undergone a course of anti-coagulants to remove the clots, which should help prevent the formation of any further clots.

Nicolas Colsaerts has returned to the hospital fairly just a few cases since his preliminary prognosis to have his blood examined. He was moreover taking anticoagulants to help dissolve the clots.

He was injecting himself with blood thinners twice a day. This aided inside the prevention of extra clot formation. He may be taking one different diuretic. Initially, he was urinating three liters of liquid per day on widespread. The commonplace is 200-300ml. He was averaging at least twice that very very first thing inside the morning. This takes some time.

Furthermore, Nicolas updated his well-wishers with a follow-up video that he’s once more on monitor practising for his upcoming events whereas thanking everyone who wished him good nicely being and a speedy restoration.

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