Is Rikus Strauss, the actor who played Tjattas, leaving 7de Laan?

Tjattas is rumored to be departing 7de Laan, although this appears to be incorrect. He’s leaving the show, but no one in a position of authority has announced it.

In 2018, Rikus made his cinematic debut in South Africa by portraying Matthew Cole in the short film The Defining Moment. He played Clay Blackwood in “The Fork in the Road,” and he was the main character in the short film Vision.

Rikus became a permanent character in 7de Laan and became Tjattas, one of the regular cast members, because 2020 was a difficult year for the performing arts in general.

His departure has gone unnoticed by the media. From what he’s seen of the show’s schedule, he doesn’t appear to be departing anytime soon.

Danie Odendaal Productions in South Africa produces the Afrikaans soap opera 7de Laan. The show is about what people do on a daily basis in and around the Hillside suburb of 7de Laan.

The majority of the dialogue is in Afrikaans, however there are subtitles in English and Zulu. The stores on Seventh Street in Melville, Johannesburg, as well as the street itself, are depicted in the opening images.

Wikipedia has a page for actor Rikus Strauss. And what about your age?

Rikus Strauss was born in the South African city of Pretoria. He is exactly 25 years old as of this writing. His birthday is October 22nd, and he was born in 1996.

Because he is a well-known actor among other 25-year-old celebs, people are particularly interested in his job, his net worth, how he looks, and his personal life. He’s been in films and television shows such as Vergeet my Nie and The Defining Moment.

He attended the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute after graduating from high school in 2015. He appeared in numerous plays and films throughout his tenure there.

How much money does Rikus Strauss have in 2022?

According to news reports, Ricky Strauss is worth $18 million. He also works as a producer for the Miscellaneous Crew. He is a well-known South African actor who has appeared in films such as The Fork in the Road, Vergeet my Nie, and 7de Laan.

The media doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him. He appears to be shut off from the media and very private because he doesn’t talk about himself in it.

He has 11.4K Instagram followers and 169 posts, making him an extremely popular figure. As a result, he may receive a slew of brand endorsements, perhaps boosting his earnings.