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Is YouTuber Tre Melvin Dead Or Alive?


Is YouTuber Tre Melvin Dead Or Alive?

It is rumourned around that Youtuber Tre Melvin was involved In a car accident and now there are rumors about his death.

Tre Melvin’s Youtube channel, shows a video of his alleged death. It says “In Loving Memory of Tre Melvin” with the caption “October 28, 1992- May 6, 2022.”

Many people on social media think it is a joke as today is just May 4. And no one seems to be happy about the supposed prank. The video has left fans worried and the Youtuber has to come up with quite an explanation.

The rumors of his death are surfacing on social media because of the Youtuber’s upcoming video which is supposed to give a tribute to himself. Melvin is often known for pulling out pranks and it may be one of them.

Moreover, there are several reasons to think of it as a prank. The date mentioned in the video is May 6 while today is just May 4. So, it’s not something that has happened already.

Fans are also looking at an angle of mental illness but it most probably is a prank. We will know soon enough.

Tre Melvin suffered a brutal car accident in 2020, and the Youtuber suffered brain injuries while his best friend, Katherya Pacheco-Mendoza lost her life. It was a tough time in his life, dealing with issues both physically and mentally.

However, the actor is quite fine at the moment. He recovered well and has been a cheerful entertainer for the past year or so.

It is scheduled to be uploaded on May 6, the same date the Youtuber “supposedly dies.” Fans think that if this is a prank, it had already gone wrong as it had left people worried.

Despite the growing publicity, the 29-year-old is yet to make any comments about it. He has been fairly inactive on social media as well.

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