Jessi Wilfong Missouri Missing – remains found, homicide investigation underway in Cape Girardeau County

In Cape Girardeau County, a missing person investigation has now turned into a homicide investigation.

Judith Wilfong Missouri Missing: According to the Cape County Sheriff’s Office, Jessi Wilfong’s mother reported her missing on May 25.


Criminal detectives sensed a rat was involved in Wilfong’s disappearance based on evidence acquired through a court order at a property in Cape County on June 15 and other information gathered.


Judith Wilfong Missouri Missing: On June 18, Wilfong’s remains were discovered nearby, in a stable that had recently been excavated up ground.


A post-mortem on her body on June 20 revealed that a crime was the cause of death.


Judith Wilfong Missouri Missing: On Wednesday, Teresa Baumgartner was charged with tampering with physical evidence in a felony investigation by the Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


Judith Wilfong Missouri Missing: The investigation is continuing, and additional charges against at least one person are anticipated.


The underlying arraignment for Baumgartner has been set for June 23’s morning.


On May 24, Wilfong’s mother contacted the Fredericktown Police Department.


Missouri’s Jessi Wilfong Missing: According to reports, Wilfong was at a house in Fredericktown on May 19 before being brought home by her uncle.


According to court documents, Baumgartner and Wilfong’s uncle are romantically involved. They set out together to pick up Wilfong and bring her home to Millersville.


Jessi Wilfong, a Missouri woman who is missing, reportedly asked to be sent to Fredericktown at one point but was denied, according to court documents. According to them, Baumgartner claimed Wilfong most likely departed her house after she fell asleep.


Judith Wilfong Missouri Wilfong was never reported missing by Baumgartner.


Court records show that according to experts, Baumgartner and Wilfong’s uncle worked together to dispose of the remains.


The investigation is ongoing and open.


Delegates said additional charges are anticipated against at least one person in the Jessi Wilfong Missouri Missing case.