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Joshua Daniel Flagg Relationship Update, Career Life Explored


Joshua Daniel Flagg Relationship Update, Career Life Explored

Josh Flagg is known as Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles actor and Real Estate Agent.

Josh Flagg has confirmed that the new guy in his life is Andrew Beyer, after suggesting that he was dating someone new following his breakup with hubby Bobby Boyd.

Josh Flagg real name is Joshua Daniel Flagg, as he is a real estate agent and a television personality, author, and contributor to a variety of real estate journals and news sites.

Flagg is a regular on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The show follows a group of young real estate brokers in Los Angeles as they try to sell high-end homes.

Flagg has been recognized as one of The Wall Street Journal’s top-ranked agents by sales volume in California and nationwide and one of The Hollywood Reporter’s top 25 real estate agents.

Andrew Beyer is also a licensed real estate agent. The Los Angeles native works for the Aaron Kirman Group, a real estate agency in the city. He enrolled at USC to further his education. He is also a buddy of social media personality Olivia Jade.

Beyer also shared a lovely photo with Lori Laughlin’s kid on the social media platform Instagram in December of 2021. On Instagram, he now has over 9000 followers.

He uses the social networking tool to bring his admirers up to speed on his life now and then.

Flagg’s breakup spouse Bobby Boyd was reported a little over seven weeks ago. Flagg shared the adorable photo on his Instagram Story, which showed him putting his nose against Beyer’s.

Josh Flagg and Andrew Beyer’s age gap is 13 years as Flagg is 36 years of age now and Beyer is 23 years of age. While he didn’t identify Andrew in his interview, he did say that the two met for the first time five years ago on the job but that nothing became romantic until his marriage collapsed.

A close friend who joined the new couple for supper took the shot. Flagg was dressed in a dark shirt and spectacles, while his new partner was dressed elegantly in a dress shirt.

On August 20, 1985, Josh Flagg was born in Los Angeles, California. Michael and Cindy Flagg, who live in Los Angeles, are his parents. Andrew is the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, the founder and proprietor of the nationwide Platt Music Corporation network of stores, and the grandson of philanthropist, electronics industry entrepreneur, and Jewish activist Herman Platt.

Josh Flagg’s net worth is estimated at around $35 million. He started working as a real estate agent at 18, marketing homes in high-end neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip.

However, the numbers mentioned above are just an assumption via online sources. Andrew studied Real Estate Development at the University of Southern California as a result of his lifelong enthusiasm for real estate. He learned vital techniques for not just marketing homes but also all sorts of development projects while he was there.

Working with buyers and sellers to correctly advise them of the essential procedures to take in the present market is something Andrew enjoys. He also excels in the area because of his strong eye for design and lively demeanor.

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