Kendrick Lamar Auntie Diaries,What Is The Meaning Behind The Song? Fans reaction And Facts

Kendrick Lamar has left his fans in awe in his new song “Auntie Diaries,” where he mentioned his struggles to embrace his trans relative. His ability to confront and condemn his own biases and prejudices, without placing himself above the individuals he’s talking about, is one of his greatest assets as a rapper and one of the things that made his stand out among colleagues.
It’s a trait that shows up throughout his work, especially on his deep and dense new album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, which arrived late Thursday, five years after his Pulitzer Prize-winning 2017 album “DAMN.,” and especially on the song “Auntie Issues,” which is a topic that few rappers have addressed at all, let alone with empathy.
Kendrick Lamar’s “Auntie Diaries,” off his latest album Mr. Morales and the Big Stepper, is about the singer rapping frankly about homophobia and transphobia and how they influenced his acceptance of his trans relatives. The Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper discusses his own prejudices in the past and how he’s aged enough to comprehend today.
Kendrick Lamar raps about his strong relationship with his “auntie,” a trans guy who trimmed his hair at the pad and was the first person he has ever had a relationship with.
Lamar raps about other family members rejecting his relative but says he “took pride” in embracing him. In the second half of the track, Lamar raps about his “favorite cousin” who later came out as trans, and the church’s response to her
Many followers had been shocked after they reached Kendrick Lamar’s fifteenth music of Auntie Diaries and heard the rapper use a extremely offensive racist time interval. During the music, the Humble vocalist makes use of the phrase f****t seven situations, which is an particularly cruel and offensive slur to clarify a gay or homosexual man.
Lamar, alternatively, just isn’t directing the phrase at anyone significantly, singing: “Back when saying f****t was comedy relief.” He has stated that the music is about his transgender uncle and that he didn’t use the phrase in an offensive methodology. Kendrick raps about his auntie’s unpleasant experiences turning into an individual, and the music moreover addresses LGBT themes.
Moving to the Lyrics of Auntie Diaries, in verses 3 and 4, one can witness the reappearance of Demetrius, who was referenced in Lamar’s major-label debut, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City,” once more in 2012, and who might or may not be the aunt inside the music and who subsequently has a Caitlyn Jenner allusion.
The remaining two verses introduce religion and reintroduce the repeating “I knew you were conflicted” phrase from “DAMN.”
Finally, it concludes with a self-evaluation: Lamar remembers bringing a white female on stage to rap thought-about certainly one of his traces in 2018, and he or she used the N-word, similar to he does inside the music. She was booed, and Lamar gave her a form nonetheless company lesson onstage and now seems to regret what he talked about on the time.

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