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Lauren Juma Death, Arrest And Charges Of Van Brisbon Explained


Lauren Juma Death, Arrest And Charges Of Van Brisbon Explained

The tragic death of 16 years old Lauren Juma is a great shock, as Van Brisbon, who happens to be her stepfather is charged for murder.

Van Brisbon is a 60-year-old man charged with murder in the death of his stepdaughter, Lauren Juma.

Brisbon waived his court appearance overnight as a judge placed his bond at $1 million on a murder charge.

At around 1 a.m. Harris County deputies were sent to 20407 Canton Trace Lane. Deputies arrived to hear gunshots as they hovered the front door of the house. Reportedly, Brisbon exited through the front door and was taken into custody.

Deputies entered the residence and found Lauren deceased from gunshot wounds. The suspect and the prey were the only two people inside the home at the time of the murder.

A bond was set for a man accused of shooting and killing. He was taken into custody Friday after reportedly shooting Lauren.

He waived his right to appear in probable cause court Friday night, where a judge set his bond for $1 million on a murder charge.

Apart from that, Lauren was a sophomore at Nimitz High School and had recently joined the cheer squad. Before the shooting, Juma’s mom, Laurie Young, came out to her sister and police when she said Brisbon was acting randomly.

Before Juma’s sister and officials could get into the house in the 20400 block of Canton Trace, they listened to two gunshots. Detectives said Juma was shot in the head, and her pants were pulled down around her ankles when her body was discovered.

After doing all research, we learned that Laurie Young was the mother of Lauren Juma, and her stepdad was Van Brisbon. But the details of her biological dad are away from the spotlight. It seems like Lauren’s dad and mom separated a long time ago. Apart from that, Juma also had a sister aged 19 years. Juma’s 19 years old sister was the one who called 911 telling police she was being held at gunpoint by Brisbon.

Laurie, mother of the dead was out of town for work and came home to find her daughter killed. In addition to that, Christina Michell was Lauren’s stepmother, who also spoke to FOX 26 Friday night, hoping justice would be served.

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