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Lawrence Dority Is The Alleged Killer Of Adreian Payne

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Lawrence Dority Is The Alleged Killer Of Adreian Payne

The tragic death of Adreian Payne is still a shock, as Dority is reportedly said to be the killer, which happened on the morning of May 9th.

Adreian was known to be an American Basketball player who was also drafted into NBA. Let’s learn more about the perpetrator Lawrence Dority.

Before death, Adreian was playing for Juventus Utena in Lithuania Basketball League. He was a skilled player but he succumbed to injuries and medical conditions.

He has been in his fair share of his controversy, but the basketball star did not deserve, to be killed mercilessly by his perpetrator. He had been making amends for his past failure and the athlete seems to be focusing more on his family life as well.

Lawrence Dority the perpetrator who killed Adreian Payne was arrested at the scene of the crime. Dority was charged with First Degree of Murder and he was transported to Orange County Jail.

Adreian Payne was killed early in the morning at Egret Shores Drive, the motive of the killer is unclear as Dority has not issued any statement or given details about the murder.

Adreian was not a saint either, as he had some allegations about rape and sexual assault on women. He later apologized, he stated that he was unaware that the sex was non-consensual.

Adreian Payne was going to Orange County Jail in Florida, after his arrest at the scene of the crime. He was taken into custody after the warranted notice to him.

Payne was shot to death, he was taken into the hospital promptly but he died in the hospital, he was facing fatal wounds on his body. Thus, he was maintaining static breathing due to his wounds.

The motive of the killer has not been revealed, the authorities are investigating the suspect, as he has been charged with the first-degree murder, he was arrested by the warrant and order of the judge.

The suspect is likely to remain in Orange County Jail during the duration of the trial, a sufficient amount of bail money shall be required for him to free himself from the custody of the police.

Lawrence Dority is 29 years old, he is the perpetrator who killed the basketball player Adreian Payne. The death of this basketball player is mourned by the fans from USA and all over the world.

Lawrence was an international player who played in various clubs in the NBA, he played college basketball, and went international to play in Lithuanian basketball.

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