Lea Michele Replaces Beanie Feldstein Leaving Funny Girl – Fanny Brice New Actress For Broadway Show

Lea Michele will replace Beanie Feldstein in the lead role of Fanny Brice in the first revival of Funny Girl.

Broadway is currently under the heat as the recent news of many actors bidding farewell to their shows has hit the news. Among them, the Golden Globe-nominated actress Beanie Feldstein also joined the list of actors quitting Broadway shows.

Just a day after sharing the news of her decision, Lea Michele has been put on the spot of Beanie for the famous Broadway show.

Lea Michele Replaces Beanie Feldstein Leaving Funny Girl

Lea Michele’s role as Fanny Brice is confirmed after Beanie Feldstein’s stepping down from the role this July, E! reports.

Through an Instagram post, Beanie announced her departure from the show after she cited production and direction issues. Her initial contract got scheduled to end in September.

Meanwhile, a few hours after Beanie’s post, the Funny Girl production team and Lea herself announced via her Instagram that she would join the cast as the new Fanny Brice.

Along with her, actress Tovah Feldshuh will also join the cast as Mrs. Brice.

Beanie was cast for a year to play the revival role of Fanny Brice, who Barbra Streisand originally played in the original Broadway production and the 1968 movie.

Fanny Brice New Actress Lea Michele Is Preparing For The Broadway Show

Lea Michele is already excited and honored to play Fanny Brice and make her Broadway return through Funny Girl.

“A dream come true is an understatement,” she wrote on her Instagram post. Funny Girl is a big part of Broadway since the late Bradway actress Fanny Brice is one of the most impressive actors in the industry.

The actress Beanie was also thoroughly rejoiced to join the cast last year. Michele was one of the first people to congratulate her on her role.

Now the time has turned, Lea’s taking over the Fanny Brice role has met with mixed reviews from the public.

However, the same goes for Beanie’s acting and portrayal of the role. The Guardian had awarded her three out of five stars for her first few plays.

With so many talks going on social media, Lea replacing Beanie is the new headline of the industry.

Despite that, Lea is cheerful and will start preparing for her role as soon as possible.

More On Lea Michele Hair And Wig Rumors

Lea Michele is an actress of her league, also known for her hairstyles and fashion looks.

The 35-year-old is a four-time People’s Choice Awards who has often made headlines for her carpet looks and hairstyles.

Aside from her glamorous life, Today once wrote about her postpartum hair loss. The actress has been open about what goes inside her growth changes each year.

She is a mother of one son, Ever Leo, with her husband, Zandy Reich.

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