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Video: Meek Mill Feat. Giggs ‘Northside Southside’


Video: Meek Mill Feat. Giggs ‘Northside Southside’

Meek Mill shares new video for “Northside Southside” featuring Giggs.

Meek Mill’s Expensive Pain album continues to divide attention but that’s not stopping the Philly rapper from promoting the project.

In his new video in support of the album, Meek takes on London and connects with his UK collaborator Giggs.

In more Meek Mill news, the 34-year old recently told complex about his retirement plans.

“I got like three, four more years left,” said Meek. “I’ve been rapping since I was 23. I can’t be performing forever.
I probably got two, three more years. I think these the last years I’m going hard with music and I’m gonna go pursue like other stuff too.

“The process of creating music and touring has taken a toll on him. “I’ll still make music but going on tour, working on the album, six months being away from my family that long, I give up,” he said.
“Let the young n-ggas come up next…and just move me out of the way.”

“I’ll still be rapping if anybody wanna buy an NFT,” he joked.

He added “People don’t really, really be f-cking with me like that, so I’m going to keep charging the doors every three or four months on some rapping shit.”

Meek will continue to push his fifth album and has revealed plans of releasing what he calls an “extendo pack” of his latest project. The updated version will include additional tracks including a possible collaboration with Pop Smoke.

“I’m changing the game,” he told Complex. “We ain’t calling it a deluxe … We’re gonna call it an extendo and we’re gonna make it longer … We’re gonna update it to probably 32 shots or something like that … People usually do deluxes two or three records; this is gonna be more than two or three records.”

Watch his new video for “Northside Southside” above and checkout his interview with Complex below.

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