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Meet James Hardens’ Girlfriend, Jessyka Janshel


Meet James Hardens’ Girlfriend, Jessyka Janshel

James Harden is well-renowned professional basketball player, as he is known to be a NBA star

James Harden plays for the Philadelphia 76ers in NBA. The superstar has been awarded some prestigious awards such as Most Valuable Player and PAC Player of the Year.

The heroism of the athlete for the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics is outstanding to watch. He took over the 4th game of his team with 31 points and seven rebounds, making his girlfriend and family proud.

James Harden Relationship Status Update

James Harden is in a romantic relationship with his beautiful model girlfriend, Jessyka Janshel.

Jessyja Janshel is known to be social media star and influencer who has also been featured in Pressure Magazine. The modeling queen features in different music videos flaunting her curvy body.

Jessyka is a big fan of sports and has been to the NFL show with Josh Huff. Besides that, she also joins in for support in her boyfriend’s NBA match. The flashes of paparazzi have spotted the couple a few times.

James is trying to keep his relationship as secret as possible to stay away from controversy. James has in the past found himself in a controversy surrounding Hollywood stars.

James Harden and Jessyka were sported together in 2017.

The Philadelphia star James has previously dated A-lister celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Malaysia Pargo, and Brittany Renner. However, he has learned his way to keep the relationship away from the spotlight.

The couple has been spotted together casually since 2017, but the definite details of their relationship have been unclear. James and Jessyka have been a long-time couple, and fans are just waiting for their engagement.

James Harden Family Revealed

James was born into the family of James Harden Sr and Monja Willis, his mom has been the biggest influence in his sporting life. Monja would take James to the practice during his high school days and drive him back home after the training was finished.

The NBA star, back in his youth days, promised his mother that he would be a star one day. With sheer belief from Monja, James has managed to achieve the dream of a young kid from Los Angeles.

Harden’s family has not openly talked about their origin but now is an American by nationality. Harden has represented the USA in the 2012 Olympics bringing gold home.

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