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Meet Jonny Depp’s Legal Team, Stephanie Calnan


Meet Jonny Depp’s Legal Team, Stephanie Calnan

Jonny Depp is still on going, as Stephanie Calnan is a lawyer who is currently representing him in a high-profile case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are now in the spotlight, as many people discuss and question their actions, The Pirates of the Carrebian star has filed a defamation lawsuit after the actress published an op-ed about the alleged abuse.

Jonny Depp is still on going in Fairfax County, Virginia and people have their eyes locked on it. A lot of things about the couple are being disclosed.

Jonny Depp’s Legal Team Stephanie Calnan Life Revealed

Jonny Depp trail is still on going as Stephanie Calnan is a lawyer who is among his legal team.

Stephanie is an attorney with the law firm, Brown Rudnick LLP. As per her bio on the company’s website, she is an associate in the firm’s Litigation and Arbitration practice group.

Among Johnny Depp’s lawyers, she was the one added more recently. Her co-worker, Ben Chew has been representing the actor from the very beginning.

“I don’t think that he really respects women… He doesn’t like powerful women”

Stephanie has been in connection with Brown Rudnick firm for almost 5 years now. She joined the firm in August 2017. Prior to that, she worked as a summer associate for 4 months.

Calnan is a graduate of Boston University School of Law. She did her BA at Tufts Univesity in International Relations and Community Health.

Stephanie grew up in Boston and is currently admitted to practice predominantly in Massachusetts and New York.

Calnan is not present on Instagram or Twitter at the moment. However, she does have a LinkedIn account with a lot of professional information about her.

The lawyer is making a wave by representing Johnny Depp in a $50 million defamation case that is currently under trial. We will update more details on the case soon.

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