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Memusi Sankok Suicide Case Revealed, Son Of MP David Ole Sankok

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Memusi Sankok Suicide Case Revealed, Son Of MP David Ole Sankok

Memusi Sankok is known to be the son of MP David Ole Sankok, who shot himself to death.

Memusi reportedly used his father’s gun to commit the incident.

Mumusi’s father, David Ole Sankok is nominated member of Parliament representing Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the National Assembly.

David Ole is now making substantial rounds in this minute after his eldest son was reported shooting himself to death by various media outlets.

Nominated MP David Ole, Sankok’s eldest son Memusi Sankok, shot himself dead with his gun at their home in Ewaso-Ng’iro Narok South Sub-County, according to the reports available on the web.

The police reported that Memusi was a Form Four student attending Maseno High School in Kisumu.

A form 4 student reportedly shot himself dead using David Ole Sankok’s firearm in their house on Monday, the afternoon of the 2nd of May 2022, in Narok.

Sankok allegedly committed the incident after accessing his father’s firearm from a safe in David’s bathroom in their home in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok county, on Monday.

David wasn’t home while his son committed the incident but was attending some errands at his Osim country lodge a few kilometers from him.

Amid the tragic situation, queries about what prompted the young boy to dare take action have made many web rounds.

Sources indicate that the son and the father had differences in Memusi’s academic performance. However, the reports remain unauthenticated by reliable sources until this time.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI)officers have already collected forensic evidence to start further investigations on his death after being transferred to the Narok county referral hospital.

Investigators allegedly confiscated the firearm used by Memusi to shoot himself from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for additional ballistic analysis.

A YouTube video showcasing David Ole Sankok’s house after his son Memusi Sankok’s death has been making trending all over the place in the public domain.

The area near his house is filled with many people after learning about Memusi’s death. However, the video titled Memusi’s death hasn’t been validated if it is David’s house.

Sankok’s son Memusi was reportedly just 15 years old at the occurrence of the incident. Currently, condolence messages and posts have increased on the web after the news propagated promptly on the internet.

Mwenda Ethaiba, the Narok County, Criminal investigation officer who confirmed Memusi’s death, shot himself on the chin at their home on Monday afternoon.

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