Missing American Military Veteran In Ukraine Update; Who Is Grady Kurpasi?

The veteran of USMC who was fighting in Ukraine, Grady Kurpasi has gone missing. After the announcement of two other American military veterans who lost communication with their families, the family of former Marine Corps officer Grady Kurpasi revealed that he had been missing in the Kherson area since late April.

According to reports, Kurpasi traveled to Ukraine in early March and was last when he spoke with his family contact on April 26 when he was deployed to an observation post during a civilian evacuation.

Who Is Grady Kurpasi?

20-year United States Marine Corps veteran,Kurpasi was retiring in November 2021. According to Heath, he chose to enlist with Ukrainians in Ukraine but did not expect to fight on the front lines of the conflict.

He enlisted in the US Marines after the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, where he lived, and served three combat tours in Iraq before retiring in November 2021.

Who Is Grady Kurpasi Wife?

Grady Kurpasi’s wife is Henson Kim. His husband is the third American to go missing in Ukraine.

Kurpasi, who volunteered to combat Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, departed the United States in early March and landed in Kyiv on March 21, according to George Heath, a family spokesperson.

According to Heath, the 49-year-old was last seen on April 26 in the Kherson region, where he was entrusted with covering an observation position so civilians could flee. A few days before the assignment, the veteran spoke to family and friends in the United States for the last time.

Kurpasi’s cell phone signal was recently traced near the neighborhood of a huge retail mall, according to a family source.

What Happened To Grady Kurpasi?

Grady Kurpasi had been missing in the Kherson area since late April, following the news that two other American military veterans had lost communication with their families.

Two additional Americans, Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, are still missing in Russia, and claims on Russian social media and an image of the pair imply they have been apprehended, according to reports. On Thursday the State Department said that it couldn’t confirm if they’d been apprehended, but it’s possible.

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