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Missing Case In Australian And Mexico Revealed


Missing Case In Australian And Mexico Revealed

The missing case of Tahnee Shanks is still been Investigated in Australia and Mexico, as she is yet to be found.

Cancun locals found an abandoned little girl, Adelynn, outside a church on May1. The local authority was alerted, and social media posts regarding the child’s identity and family search reached her to her uncle in Australia.

Cancun locals suspect that Adelynn was abandoned by her father while her mother’s whereabouts are still not located.

Adelynn’s missing mother is Tahnee Shanks, whose search appeal has made social media go into a frenzy.

Tahnee Shanks is still missing, and the case is currently under heavy investigation from both countries’ police teams.

The missing Tahnee’s brothers, Daniel and Ben, have filed a lost person complaint in Queensland while the Mexican police are looking for traces of her.

The Mexican police reportedly have found CCTV footage of a woman being forced into a van while investigating the missing Tahnee Shanks.

The van matches the car’s serial number that Tahnee and her partner were driving. Likewise, the vehicle was found in Puerto Morelos, about forty minutes south of Cancun, where Adelynn was abandoned barefoot.

The police suspect the missing couple may have been a random target of criminals, given the recent update.

Tahnee Shanks was not found to be by her daughter, Adelynn’s side on May 1, thus, indicating that something is wrong in the case.

Her brothers have explained that Tahnee is a dedicated mother who would never leave her daughter’s side.

As the Cancun locals found Adelynn left alone, the Mexican authorities placed her under the custody of child welfare authorities. Adelynn is now reunited with her uncles, who are eager to know Tahnee’s current situation.

Tahnee Shanks is an Australian woman who met her partner, Jorge Aguirre Estudillo, while she was in Mexico. The couple was happy with their life along with thier daughter until they decided to split up.

Jorge started an affair with another woman, and his new girlfriend is also pregnant. Moreover, the new woman also is known to Tahnee’s family in Australia.

Tahnee was awaiting Adelynn’s passport to fly back to her Aussie family on June 22, but sadly, she and her partner are unreachable.

The missing Aussie mom, Tahnee Shanks’s Facebook account, is still intact. Her Facebook handle is mainly dedicated to the pictures of Adelynn.

She has also shared selfies with Adelynn and Jorge and some motivational quote

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