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Missing Case Of Chelsea Poorman Turns To Murder Case Reviewed


Missing Case Of Chelsea Poorman Turns To Murder Case Reviewed

Chelsea Poorman was recently reported missing and Investigation was been carried, not until the lastest sad news breakout about her remains that were discovered.

Chelsea Poorman’s father is Mike Kieran, wandered through Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside every evening, stopping in front of a big painting of his missing daughter.

He explained, “I’ve made up my mind that I’ll meet Chelsea there at 5:30,” “Hopefully, she’ll see me there one day.” She moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2020 from Saskatchewan.

Chelsea Poorman was the woman who went missing in 2020. She was found dead outside an abandoned house more than a year and a half after she vanished in Vancouver, according to authorities.

Vancouver police report stated that, Chelsea’s bones were discovered in late April on the land of an unoccupied home in the affluent Shaughnessy neighborhood.

The horrifying finding was made by contractors working on a residence on Granville Street. So far, investigators do not think that her death is suspicious.

According to the statement, a coroner’s inquiry determined that Poorman died on the property where she was discovered on the night she went missing or shortly after, but her remains went unreported since the house had been abandoned for so long.

Chelsea Poorman was reported missing from Downtown Vancouver on September 8, 2020. She was 24 years old back then. Chelsea, a young indigenous lady who vanished in 2020, was discovered dead outside an abandoned property in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighborhood, ending the hunt.

According to the police, the 24 years old Kawacatoose woman’s remains were discovered on April 22 while working on a property near Granville Street and West 37th Avenue.

Two months later, after Chelsea Poorman had a night out with her sister in the Granville Entertainment District, she vanished without a trace in the early hours of September 6.

After she vanished, her father moved to Vancouver to search for her. There is a Facebook created, “Walk to find Chelsea Poorman.” Her mother Poorman Sheila posted a request to join them.

The post reads, “Myself and Chelsea’s sister will be doing a walk-in Vancouver at the same time. Doing this walk for Chelsea means a lot and it shows “How to Love” that’s the tattoo she has. So please come out Sept 6/21 !!!”

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