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Most Wanted Criminal, Abilaziz Mohamed Arrest And Charges Explained


Most Wanted Criminal, Abilaziz Mohamed Arrest And Charges Explained

Abilaziz Mohamed is known to be on the most wanted list of Canada, who was recently exposed and arrested after the Scarborough shooting and murder incident.

Abilaziz had been on the run until he was exposed by an unidentified person recently.

Bolo Program announced his name on Tuesday, as the most wanted. On top of that, the officers declared a reward on him.

Toronto Police Service searched for him after the late 2021 incident, where a 43-years-old man lost his life after a brawl.

Toronto police have disclosed the information on Abilaziz Mohamed getting arrested. The Bolo Program has listed him as one of the most wanted criminals in the new “top 25” campaign.

He fell into the 12 lists that Toronto Police Service was searching for; soon after, the officers announced a $250,000 reward on Abilaziz.

James Ramer, a Police Chief, stated, “Yesterday, Abilaziz Mohamed was BOLO’s No.1 wanted suspect. Today, he is in Toronto Police Service custody.”

Craig Macdonald Scarborough died on 13 October 2021 after crossing his path with Abilaziz Mohamed. He was a 43-years-old man who was having his time at a Boston Pizza, watching a Leafs game at the time.

Macdonald fell into an altercation at the restaurant. Little did he know, this brawl would take his life after the suspect came back with a gun and shot him.

Following the shooting incident, the officer has looked for the suspect continuously while he was on the run. Mohamed now faces charges with first-degree murder and is under the police’s custody.

The Number One most wanted man in Canada from the Top 25 @BoloProgram has been arrested. Just hours after announcing an unprecedented $250,000 reward for a tip leading to an arrest, anonymous information was received about the location of Abilaziz Mohamed

Abilaziz Mohamed is not on the Wikipedia page. He has come to the public’s attention after a Toronto police officer caught him, and the BOLO program listed him as the most wanted criminal.

He is a 32-years-old man who is currently facing the charges of first-degree murder of the victim Craig Macdonald. The officers announced $250,000 on him as wanted.

Abilaziz Mohamed got arrested; meanwhile, people mourn for the shooting victim, Craig Macdonald. His Obituary was announced in 2021 after he died getting shot.

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