Muhammad Kashif Cause of Death : Popular Islamic App “Islam360” Designer Passed Away

Islam360 Kashif’s Death: According to information obtained on Wednesday, the creator of the popular Islamic mobile application Islam360 passed away.

The Islam360 application was created by Zahid Hussain and was designed by independent Pakistani computer programmer Muhammad Kashif.

Islam360 Kashif Death: In a constrained conversation with The Chenab Times on Instagram, an Islam360 coworker confirms Kashif’s passing today.

According to the Islam360 section, Kashif served as a consultant in the planning of the well-known Islam360.

slam360 is a revolutionary app that is incredibly simple to use. Since it is a complete web search tool for the Quran and Hadith, it is a one-stop, hassle-free arrangement. More than 10 million people have downloaded the app from the Android Play Store.

The programs provide numerous components and services for those seeking direction and objective while taking into account the Quran and Hadith, according to Mr. Zahid Hussain, the creator of the applications.

The most notable feature of Islam360 Kashif Death is that it provides audio and text interpretations of the Holy Quran as it is narrated by more than 16 Qaris.

Muslimhood has confirmed his passing via a web article. At the time of this distribution, the circumstances of his death were unknown.

Muslimhood announced that Kashif Bhai, the creator of Islam 360, the most well-known application on earth, had passed away.

Islam360 Kashif’s passing: “May Allah pardon him and utilize his labor as a support for him. Ameen. Everyone should pay attention to certain Qur’anic readings on this application in order to raise the positions of the left. Anyhow, this application is fantastic. is certain. Simple. Everything has a fingerlike shape.

Kashif Islam360 Death: In response to his passing, friends, partners, authorities, and veterans are offering their condolences and congratulations to the family. Everybody will sincerely miss him.

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